Muslim groups gather to discuss Islamophobia

Toronto, November 28 (CINEWS):  Last Sunday a very worried group of Muslim community leaders and members got together along with recently elected MPs to denounce the terrorist attacks in Paris and to let the world know that the extremists’s actions contradict Islamic teaching. Most non-Muslims already know that Islam is the religion of peace and are equally appalled that a few radicalized individuals could kill and terrorize in the name of Islam.bains
“We feel we need to dismantle the ideology of the terrorists and the extremists,” said Shaykh Faisal Hamid Abdur-Razak of the Islamic Council of Canada, who addressed the more than 200 men and women gathered at The Islamic Forum of Canada in Brampton.
“Islam should not be attached to terrorist activities and we have to find some way to do this. In the media they are described as Islamic terrorists or Islamic extremists. We don’t feel that’s fair because it demonizes and entire community. We need to take away the word Islam from the terrorists… because they are not Muslims. They are terrorists, period. Terrorism has no religion.”
Community and religious leaders stressed the need to build bridges in the community, as well as deal with the commonly held misconceptions about the religion of peace.
Mississauga-Malton Liberal MP and cabinet minister, Navdeep Bains, addressed some of the backlash directed at Muslims here at home (a Peterborough mosque was set ablaze and women wearing religious garb claimed they were assaulted) and urged Canadians to stand together in solidarity.
“We must not succumb to the politics of fear,” said Bains.
Other politicians included Raj Grewal (Brampton East), Iqra Khalid (Mississauga-Erin Mills), Ramesh Sangha (Brampton Centre), and Ruby Sahota (Brampton South) as well as Brampton Mayor Linda Jeffrey. Ꮠ

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