Muslims in Nepal extend support to Madhesi agitation over Constitution row

Birgunj (Nepal), Oct.14 (ANI): The Muslim community in Nepal has extended support to the Madhesi community over their demand for amendments in the recently drafted Constitution.

The Madhesi community in Nepal’s Terai region, many of whom trace their origins to India, have imposed an economic blockade to register their opposition to the new Constitution. They are against splitting Nepal into seven provinces.

Muslims raised slogans and held up flags to demand justice for the Madhesi community. They also offered prayers in support of the Madhesi agitation in the border town of Birgunj

Medical and paramedical teams also came out onto the streets to show their support for the Madhesis.

“We doctors will keep supporting the demands of the Madhesi community and we will request other medical officials to join this protest to see that the demands are fulfilled,” said Sanjeev Yadav, one of the protesters.

The Madhesi-led blockade entered its 20th day on Monday. Lorries going from Nepal and coming from India continue to be blocked, creating an economic crisis for Nepal and its people.

Nepal has accused India of imposing the blockade on its side of the border to force Kathmandu to listen to the demands of those living in the Terai region. India has denied this charge.

Nepal Prime Minister, K.P. Sharma Oli, who was sworn in on October 12, faces the task of reuniting a country that is deeply divided over the new Constitution.

The Madhesi People’s Rights Forum (Democratic) voted for Oli after he signed an agreement to review the demarcation of provinces – the key sticking point for ethnic groups that feel the new regional boundaries set down in the Constitution take away their powers.

By Ashutosh Mishra (ANI)

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