Muslims pray for peace, brotherhood on Eid in Agartala

Agartala, July 18 (ANI): Muslims gathered at the Gedu Mia mosque, Agartala, today to offer morning prayers on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr.

Besides the locals, several other Muslims who are in the city for various reasons like job and education also participated in the prayer and celebrated the festival.

The Eid prayers began at around 9.30 a.m. when Maulana Abdul Rehaman, the imam of the mosque, read out the special prayer for global peace.

“Islam teaches love and brotherhood but it is very unfortunate that today due to unethical activities of a very microscopic section of Muslims in arms struggle and terrorism the entire religion is defamed and which should not be,” he said.

The Muslims here gathered in large numbers to pray for peace and prosperity. They expressed that all religion teaches the lesson of love and respect, adding that there is no room for hatred and violence.

“This is one of the biggest festivals of the Muslims and we spread the message of brotherhood among all people of the world. This is the reward that we get after one month’s fasting during Ramadan. We thank the god for whatever he has done for us. It is a great pleasure for us and one of the happiest moments,” said Akhil Ahamed, a local here.

“Eid is the culmination of month long fasting… After this month long fasting, we celebrate this day along with people of all religions in our house and everywhere,” added another local Morshal Ali.

The Muslims as customary embraced each other and exchanged Eid greetings after the prayers.

By Pinaki Das (ANI)

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