My books can help in total development of a child, says Dinanath Batra

New Delhi, Sept. 25 (ANI): Right-wing educationist Dinanath Batra on Friday said that his moral education textbooks will benefit the students as it contains cultural heritages and verses from the Vedas which will help in total development of a child.

“I am confident that the students will be benefited by these books because it contains our cultural heritage and at the same time they will read the stories of great personalities of this country who have shaped the destiny of this country,” Batra told ANI.

“The book will consist of small stories, poems, and songs and also lines from Vedas, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Geeta. These books will help shape the characteristic of the students and help total development of the child,” he added.

The Haryana government is set to launch school textbooks on ‘moral education’ authored by Dinanath Batra. (ANI)

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