Nagas celebrate seed sowing festival ‘Lui-Ngai-Ni’ with enthusiasm

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Ukhrul (Manipur), Feb.18 (ANI): A festive mood prevailed in Manipur’s Ukhrul District as people wearing exotic headgears, traditional costumes and ethnic ornaments celebrated the Lui-Ngai-Ni festival.

“Sowing in tears, reaping in joy” was the theme of the two-day seed sowing festival organized by the United Naga Council, Manipur.

On the occasion, the God of crops is invoked to shower his blessing on seeds so that farmers get a bumper harvest.

People showcased traditional folk dances and music and enjoyed indigenous games. A fashion show was also organised on the occasion.

Another attraction of the event was blowing of horns by elders.

Nagaland Chief Minister TR Zeliang inaugurated the event.

He said, “We need to protect and preserve our rich culture heritage which should not only uphold our Naga identity but this itself will create a new tourist destination.”

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Naga folk dances like the war dance, weaving dance and the seed-sowing dance were also organized.

Various Naga tribes, including Anal, Mao, Maram, Zeliangrong and Monsang presented spectacular folk dances and songs.

Various Naga tribes including Anal, Mao, Maram, Zeliangrong ,Monsang, Poumai, Lamkang, Poumai, Inpui and many others showcased their spectacular folk dances and songs.

Vania Chawang, a singer from Tamenglong, mesmerized the audience with her melodious voice.

Weapon Zimpik, President, Tangkhul Naga Long, said, “It is seed sowing. It promotes togetherness, sharing and sacrifice spirit. It is also a festival of giving, eating, drinking and meeting with each other.”

Soli, a participant, said, “I like this festival because it brings all NAGA people together. And we have the feeling of oneness.”

In Nagaland, the Lui-Ngai- Ni festival was celebrated with equal passion.

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The event was organised by the Tangkhul Union Dimapur, Nagaland.

During the event, young boys and girls sang folk songs and also performed a “seed sowing dance”.

Later, they also demonstrated indigenous games like tug of war, wrestling and many others.

Reverend Candid Sareo, another participant, said, “These days youngster have forgotten our rich culture because they are staying away from home for studies so, organising such festival will help them to know about our culture and tradition.”

The Lui-Ngai-Ni festival is celebrated annually to promote peace, harmony and prosperity and to uphold Nagas’ cultural identity. (ANI)

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