Nargis Fakhri cheated out of Rs 6 lakh using credit card clone

Nargis Fakhri...Money withdrawn, says police.

Nargis Fakhri…Money withdrawn, says police.

Bollywood actress and model Nargis Fakhri has reportedly been cheated out of around Rs 6 lakh through fraudulent transactions made on her credit card in the United States.

The US citizen of Czech-Pakistani origin alerted the bank, got her card blocked, and filed a complaint with Mumbai police late on Monday.

It is suspected that the swindlers stole Nargis’ card information and made a clone. In all, 14 transactions were made totalling around $9,062.

The police said the cloned card was used to withdraw money, not for shopping. However, the actor, who was in Mumbai at the time, said text alerts from the bank showed the transactions had been “made against shopping payment”.

The bank  refused to divulge  information citing client confidentiality.

A probe is under way to check why the bank did not realise and stop the transactions while the culprits had been using the card for four hours – CINEWS

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