Naseeruddin Shah separates himself from Aamir Khan’s insecurity

Mumbai, November 27 (CINEWS): Aamir Khan’s announcement that he and his wife have talked about leaving India because of its developing prejudice has brought a sharp reaction from individual on-screen character artist Naseeruddin Shah.nasseruddin aamir

Talking only on the subject Naseer remarked, “For Aamir to say this, it conveys weight however I am not pondering going anyplace and anybody attempting to drive me out of my home that is India will have a serious battle staring him in the face.”

Some time back Naseer had been assaulted for his perspectives of an open fringe strategy versus Pakistan.

Naseer had responded by saying, “My name is Naseeruddin Shah and I trust that is the reason I was focused on. It truly torments me to say this. I have never known about my character up to this point.”

Naseer has now conceded the agony he felt at being focused on did not detract from his steadfast confidence in the Indian democratic framework.

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