National Anthem before movies decision gets overwhelming support

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New Delhi, Nov 30 (IANS) The Supreme Court order directing cinema halls to play the National Anthem before the start of movies, has got overwhelming support with political parties and prominent people welcoming it wholeheartedly.

“We support in principle everything that enhances the dignity of the nation. Its implementation has to be seen carefully, I am sure care will be taken by every individual,” Congress spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi told IANS.

“In the process of implementation, we should not disrespect any national icon,” he cautioned.

Expressing the similar sentiments, former Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit said it was a “good decision”.

“It’s a very-very good decision. I am happy with it. I wonder why it was stopped as it used to be practice earlier also,” she told IANS.

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Former Army Chief Ved Prakash Malik said that in a country like India, which is very diverse, the decision would help in keeping the country together.

“There are certain ideas which keep the country together. This is one of them,” he told IANS.

Badaruddoza Khan, MP of the CPI-M from Murshidabad also supported the idea of playing the the National Anthem before the start of movies in cinema halls.

“During the 1970s, as far as I can recall national anthem was played in cinema halls when the film was over and people would stand up. This is not a totally new thing,” he told IANS.

“But there is a concern that with small children crying in cinema hall while national anthem is being played, it would compromise the dignity of the national anthem,” he said.

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Earlier on Wednesday, the Supreme Court had directed cinema halls to play the National Anthem, saying it will instil “constitutional patriotism as well as committed patriotism and nationalism”.

The playing of the anthem will be accompanied by an image of the Tricolour on the screen, it said while barring its commercial exploitation, dramatisation or playing of an abridged version.

The order shall be given effect to within a period of 10 days.

The court said when the National Anthem is sung or played, it is imperative on the part of everyone present to show due respect and honour by standing up.

“It is because when the National Anthem is sung, the concept of protocol associated with it has its inherent roots in national identity, national integrity and constitutional patriotism,” the court said.

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