NCP no longer supports Fadnavis government: Pawar

Mumbai, Oct 14 (IANS) In a significant development, NCP chief Sharad Pawar said on Wednesday that his party “will no longer support” the ruling BJP-Shiv Sena combine in the state.

Earlier, the Nationalist Congress Party had extended legislative support to the government citing the need for political stability. Not any more, Pawar told the media.

“After observing their performance, the NCP will no longer support this government. One of the allies, the Shiv Sena itself is now destablising the coalition,” he said.

The NCP president predicted that in view of the internal differences bogging down the ruling coalition, the state government may not last long.

Pawar said it was laughable how the Shiv Sena was asking the Bharatiya Janata Party and its Chief Minister Fadnavis to get out of their own government.

He was referring to Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut’s ultimatum on Tuesday to the BJP.

“The government is led by Fadnavis and the Sena is asking them to get out. This is laughable.

“Both will continue to hurl abuses at each other in the name of self-pride and dignity. This show will go on but none will dare quit the government,” Pawar said.

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