NDA is a cluster of opportunistic people, says Congress leader

Patna, Sept 15 (ANI): Commenting on the ongoing drama between parties over the seat sharing for the Bihar polls, Congress leader Premchand Mishra on Tuesday said there is no unity between members of the NDA, as it is a cluster of opportunistic people.

“I think the NDA is not united as a party. There is no chance they are united as a party despite the tickets being shared. The NDA is a cluster of opportunistic people. I believe that before the election, they will all show their true colours, and after the results are announced, I don’t think any leader will stay with NDA, and they will prefer to go with a better option” Mishra told ANI.

“As far as I know, they are trying to show unity through the seat sharing procedure. The BJP has kept itself very low to show that they are united, but the fact is that they are a divided house,” he added

The five-phase polling for the 243-member assembly begins from October 12 and concludes on November 5.(ANI)

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