NDP’s Andrea Horwath says she’ll do her best to prevent spending cuts

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NDP’s Andrea Horwath must be disappointed at having to settle for leader of the opposition party in Ontario, but regardless she will continue her mission to stop spending cuts. She has vowed to challenge incoming premier Doug Ford’s government and keep them in check, admitting that will be hard at least for now since Ford has not laid out any concrete spending cuts yet.

“Forty seats, again, is not government, but it an opportunity for us to hold Doug Ford’s feet to the fire,” Horwath said in a media interview this week.

The NDP will focus on encouraging Ford “not to cut the things that people rely on,” Horwath said, adding the NDP believes in investing in public services.

Asked about whether there is room to work constructively with Ford, she said: “Well, that’s going to be up to Doug Ford, I think. He’s going to set a tone and we’re all looking to see what the tone will be.”

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A lot is riding on Ms. Horwath and the NDP now that the Ontario Liberal party has been decimated and won’t have much of a voice or say at Queen’s Park for the next four years. – CINEWS

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