NDP’s Gurratan Singh under fire for holding vulgar sign in 2006

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The past can sometimes come back to haunt you at just the time you want it buried forever. Brampton-East NDP candidate Gurratan Singh, brother of federal NDP party Leader Jagmeet Singh must feel this way as he deals with the fallout of a photograph that has surfaced where he can be seen holding a sign said “F… the police.”
Singh was holding the sign at demonstration he attended in downtown Toronto back in 2006.
His leader NDP’s Horwath was asked about it Tuesday and said the sentiment on the sign is “despicable.” She said Singh now regrets holding it.
“Gurratan has turned his life around since his early 20s when he was holding that sign,” she said.
“He, in fact, then went to law school and now actually upholds the law and the justice system as opposed to rallying against it.”
Horwath reiterated she “absolutely” still supports Singh and repeated that he is “not of those opinions anymore.”
Meanwhile Gurratan Singh issued the following statement: “Twelve years ago I attended a public demonstration and was photographed holding a sign I’m now deeply ashamed of,” Singh said in a statement. “I apologize unreservedly to police officers, their families and the policing community. I deeply respect the sacrifices police officers make in service of justice and public safety, and realize the importance of community-building with officers.”
At the time, Singh was pursuing philosophy and religious studies at McMaster University. He later got his law degree.
As the NDP surges in the poll and the fact they could form the next government, the candidates are coming under very close scrutiny.
Just last week, Scarborough-Agincourt NDP candidate Tasleem Riaz, was under fire for posting a social media meme with an inspirational quote from Adolf Hitler in 2013 that shows the Fuhrer giving a Nazi salute, though she denies knowing about it. Riaz also suggested Canadian troops in Afghanistan were war criminals who were “slaughtering … innocent Men, Women and Children.”
Apparently all MPPs have skeletons in their cupboard and are now supposedly reformed and have turned their lives around.

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