Need for the right kind of housing is key: Report

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Are stacked condos the answer?

On Tuesday mayors from across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) met with developers and industry stakeholders to take a closer look at the findings in a report titled “Understanding Ontario’s Housing Affordability Challenge: A Big Data Evaluation.”

There are many suggestions that are worth discussing in light of the housing crisis engulfing the GTA.

Some of the suggestions include building the right kind of housing, about 600,000 new housing units in Ontario over the next decade.

More than half of Ontarians are “over-housed,” meaning they have too many bedrooms. The study says there are more than five million spare bedrooms in the province. More than 400,000 homes have three or more empty bedrooms.

• One in eight Ontarians are “under-housed,” meaning they don’t have enough bedrooms.
• Since 1990, rental stock per capita has fallen by 30 per cent in the GTHA.
• During the last 20 years, about 10 times more condo units have been built versus purpose-built rental in the GTHA. One third of Toronto’s condos are rented out.
• An estimated 1.5 per cent of Ontario’s stock — or 85,000 dwellings — is vacant.

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Building one and two-bedroom condos aren’t the solution for many young families with children who may need townhouses.

There needs to be many changes made in planning new sub-divisions and utilizing land in existing communities. – CINEWS

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