‘Need to do even more to prevent flow of foreign terrorist fighters’: Obama

Washington DC, Apr. 2 (ANI): US President Barack Obama has called for global efforts to fight Islamic State of Iraq and Syria(ISIS) and stressed on the need to do even more to prevent the flow of foreign terrorist fighters.

The US President in his remarks at the closing of the Nuclear Security Summit said the ISIS is a common threat to all.

“This is a threat to us all. In Syria and Iraq, ISIS continues to lose ground that’s the good news.They are losing their infrastructure, revenues and moral is suffering. We believe that the flow of foreign fighters into Iraq and Syria has slowed even as the threat from foreign fighters returning to commit acts of horrific violence remains,” said Obama.

“In fact, as ISIS is squeezed in Syria and Iraq, we can anticipate it lashing out elsewhere as we have seen most recently in countries from Turkey to Brussels.

This means that the sense of urgency we have shown in destroying ISIS in Iraq and Syria also has to infuse our efforts to prevent attacks around the world. We need to do even more to prevent the flow of foreign terrorist fighters,” he added.

President Obama said the US deployed forces in Europe after the Paris attacks to bolster their efforts.

“After the Paris attacks, the United States deployed search teams to Europe to bolster these efforts. We will be deploying additional teams in the near future,” said Obama.

“We all have a role to play.We simply cannot afford to have critical intelligence not being shared as needed whether between governments or within governments. And today is an opportunity to explore ways to step up those efforts,” he added. (ANI)

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