Neil Gaiman is very eager to cast Shruti Haasan in a Bollywood musical

Mumbai, Feburary 2 (CINEWS): The writer said that if he somehow managed to compose a Bollywood musical, he will need to cast Shruti Haasan.shruti-haasan-neil-mos_020116044344

It began with Amanda Palmer’s tweet about how she most likely wouldn’t spend on firearms. To which, one of the supporters answered saying that there was as much risk of that occurrence as there was of her spouse and writer Neil Gaiman composing a Bollywood musical.

Palmer was more idealistic and answered, “I wager you $50 Neil would compose a Bollywood musical on the off chance that they made an offer. He’s anticipated that way.”

Turns out she was correct. Neil tweeted back saying in the event that he ever makes a Bollywood musical, he would need Shruti Haasan to star in it.

He said, “I would need @shrutihaasan in it.” Shruti Haasan rushed to answer. She tweeted back, “@neilhimself @amandapalmer amazing !”

“In the event that this turns out to be genuine whoever tweeted that gets free sushi forever,” answered Amanda Palmer.

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