Neil Nitin Mukesh motivates three characters in web series !

Neil Nitin Mukesh  has  turned it down, since he wasn’t  content with the concept of show. His name has lent itself to much amusement in the past and Neil Nitin Mukesh has taken the gags rather sportingly every singe time, but this time it’s different. neil1

Neil  has now motivated not one, but rather three characters of a web series with his three-section title.

He clearly was drawn closer to assume a critical part in a scene of Voot’s web series  called Shaadi Boys. He turned it down and  he was not satisfied with the concept of show. That in any case, didn’t prevent the generation house from naming its characters after him at any rate. The show will now have three distinctive characters play Neil, Nitin and Mukesh.

At the point when gotten some information about the same, Neil said, “Don’t have any details on the web series, but it is cool to know that my name is being used as three characters.”

Meanwhile, the production house too isn’t keen on revealing much about the show yet. “We do not want to reveal any details on this,” they said. – CINEWS

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