Nepal Govt. divided over deployment of army in Terai

By Ashutosh Mishra

Kathmandu, Nov. 27 (ANI): The Communist Government of Nepal is divided on the issue of deployment of army in the Terai region that is disturbed due to the ongoing Madhesi protests against the newly adopted Constitution.

Differences emerged when Information and Broadcasting Minister Shardhan Rai opposed the proposal of deploying army in the Madhes region as proposed by Defence Minister Bhim Rawal after the National Security Council meeting held on October 19 in Kathmandu.

Rawal proposed to send the army in the Terai region. However, sources in the Communist Government confirmed that there is a clear division over the deployment of the army in Terai.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Home Affairs has instructed heavy deployment of police and armed forces in the sensitive district of Madhes.

Subsequently, Army Chief Rajendra Kshetri also opposed the idea of deploying army in the Terai against the Madhesi protesters, sources said.

Kshetri is also not in favour of sending the army in Terai.

“The problem in Terai is political and need to be addressed politically” Nepalese media quoted the Army Chief as saying. (ANI)

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