Netsurf launches products to propel organic farming

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Bengaluru, June 24 (IANS) Direct selling company Netsurf on Friday unveiled two new products aimed at boosting organic farming in India.

“The new product offerings are in line with government’s various initiatives to promote organic farming in India. Organic farming in India is gaining a lot of momentum,” said Netsurf CEO Sujit Jain in a statement.

With a dedicated portfolio for organic farmed agricultural products, Netsurf has developed and manufactured Cattle Feed Concentrate (CFC) and Wrapup in its Department of Scientific and Industrial Research-accredited facility in Maharashtra’s Jejuri.

The Jejuri facility produces microbial bio-fertilizers, micro-nutrient fertilizers, microbial bio-pesticides, herbal bio-pesticides and plant growth promoters.

According to Netsurf, profitabiliity in cattle rearing, poultry and goat farming, and horse breeding crucially depends on the feed given to the livestock, and this is where its products will play their role.

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CFC increases milk yield by 10 to 15 per cent while Wrap up bolsters a plant’s defence, it said.



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