New 80-level gaming App helps abandoned dogs

help a pup_appA new 80-level puppy gaming app called Help A Pup is now available in all major app stores. This week, it officially hit the virtual shelves of the App Store, Google Play and the Amazon App Store for widespread viewing and interaction. The App was created in Stevens, Pa., as a way to raise money and awareness for the millions of dogs who suffer malnutrition, abuse, homelessness, and abandonment. The Help A Pup app, through its coordinated email mailing list, will bring dog enthusiasts worldwide together for the betterment of man’s best friend.

Help A Pup is fundamentally a puzzle game with 80 different levels that get progressively more challenging as the game goes on. As of right now, no one has conquered all 80 levels, and the game creator is incredibly curious if anyone is savvy enough to do it.  To play the game, all users need to do is “slide” the gates out of the puppy’s way until the puppy reaches the exit. Once completed, they move onto the next puppy level.

“It’s staggering how much abuse goes on in the world of dogs every single day,” said Orville Wagner, Founder and Creator of Help A Pup. “I wanted to do something to help make a difference in these wonderful animal’s lives, and that difference is raising $1 million for dog advocacy groups. 100% of the profits from this game is going towards that goal, and I can’t do it without some networking help! Spread the word, and download my new puppy saving app today.”

App downloaders are also prompted to join the email list, so they can stay updated with the fundraising progress. Not able to do it alone, Help A Pup is designed to spur compassion in all users that hopefully transforms into invaluable donations. – PRNewswire

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