New 95% organic, 100% vegan personal lubricant launched

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Sustain, the first sustainable, non-toxic, Fair Trade Certified brand of condoms in the United States has announced the launch of its line of organic personal lubricant on Amazon. Sustain’s lubricant consists of a long-lasting, premium, mess-free formula, free of harsh and potentially harmful ingredients such as parabens, glycerin, petroleum and propylene glycol. The water-based lubricant is certified 95% organic and 100% vegan, gluten-free, latex and polyisoprene (i.e., non-latex) compatible, free of silicone and dyes and not tested on animals.

As Through its dedicated fund, 10%4Women, Sustain donates 10% of all profits to organizations that provide reproductive healthcare and family planning services to low-income women in the United States.

Former Seventh Generation CEO Jeffrey Hollender and his daughter Meika Hollender founded Sustain to address what they perceived as an industry riddled with toxic chemicals, child labor, male-dominated marketing, and stigma surrounding women who buy and carry condoms.

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Although it is well known that the vaginal ecosystem is more sensitive and more absorbent than typical skin, there is surprisingly little research on how chemicals in personal lubricants may affect a woman’s health. The World Health Organization, along with other global health organizations such as Family Health International, has recently raised concerns about the safety of some traditional brands of personal lubricants.

Some of the concern with traditional lubricants is focused on the ingredients glycerin and parabens.

Another potentially harmful chemical is the preservative added to water-based lubricants to prevent microbial growth. The most commonly used preservatives are parabens. Parabens can bond with estrogen receptors in the body, and can live in tissue. Parabens are considered to be endocrine disruptors (chemicals that, at certain doses, can interfere with the hormone system). This interference can wreak havoc on a woman’s overall health. – PRNewswire

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