New app to fight back against terrorism released

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A new software app named the Terrorist Defeater has been released by a Mocton, New Brunswick firm. Scriptnetics Inc. ( announced the release of the new app that helps individuals and first responders fight back during a terrorist attack. It is a system of sharing information instantly to mitigate the effects of terrorism and to assist in apprehending the terrorists.

The app works like a social network by people downloading it to their phones or computers where they can choose friends to be notified of their location and disposition when the Terrorist Defeater alarm is activated. Text, email and other social media are designated as a means of communication. With a single click multiple notifications are sent out automatically including to local police dispatches that also have joined the Terrorist Defeater network.

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Emergency responders for geographical areas on the Terrorist Defeater network get a special computer program to locate all the users who have activated their alarms. Authorized first responders in the field use their mobile devices to locate victims, identify them with a photo and be aware of any medical information the victim wants them to know in an emergency.

32,000 victims

The number of terrorist attacks in the United States has grown every year since 2011. Worldwide in 2014 the number of terrorist attacks soared by an incredible 80%, with over 32,000 people killed by terrorists. For 2015 up to today attacks and deaths have spiked more.

“Having this app on your phone or your computer will greatly lessen the odds for the terrorists by letting the good guys know what is going on immediately. Besides informing friends, the app goes further by automatically informing first responders of victims’ locations and their medical information. It also helps in apprehending terrorists by providing movement and identification detail to authorities,” says Michael Milne, the CEO of Scriptnetics.

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In the Orlando nightclub attack it took police three hours to respond in force because they did not know where victims were or how many there were. Orlando Police Chief John Minaalso admitted that some of the victims may have been hit by officers’ gun fire when the response did happen. While not totally preventable even if some of the victims had Terrorist Defeater it would have been likely there would have been fewer casualties. Terrorist Defeater could have provided instant information to locate victims and help responders zero in on the terrorist. Terrorist Defeater’s on-site medical information may have then improved the medical response.

Terrorist Defeater is available for as little as $1 per year. Governments, police and other first responders, schools, and businesses can protect entire populations for as little as a few cents per population base per year.

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Download Terrorist Defeater today from the Google Store for android devices or for browsers. – PRNewswire

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