New book has resources to enrich parent-child relationships

Morgan James’s new release, Teachable Moments: Building Blocks of Christian Parenting by Jonathan Crawford Robinson, Ph.D., provides an engaging, informative, useful toolbox of resources for parents who want to enrich their relationships with their children through their growing years and guide them successfully into adulthood.parent_child

Most people go through years of school, multiple job certifications, licenses and tests to drive a car or practice medicine. Yet, without any organized training, the job of being a parent lasts longer than any other job for most people. Parenting is the toughest job for which most people never have any training. Clinical psychologist Jonathan Crawford Robinson, Ph.D. offers nine principles of parenting that he has come to appreciate as immutable parenting truths in his thirty-five years of experience.

Teachable Moments: Building Blocks of Christian Parenting breaks down the complex job of parenting into nine principles of healthy family functioning, parent-child relationship, and Godly foundation that form the teachable moments of effective Christian parenting. Teachable Moments not only outlines and describes Robinson’s nine principles, but also offers an explanation of adult and child developmental stages and their impact on a child’s functioning.

One of the key components in any relationship is communication, which can often be misconstrued. Teachable Moments encourages the use of eleven different communication tools and behavior management strategies. Parents can utilize the “Learn The Concept” exercises Robinson embeds in the chapters to learn and practice how to best employ these strategies with their children.

Parents and professionals alike will reference this source book time and time again as new situations arise with children and clients. Based in Psychology and augmented by bible verses, Teachable Moments‘ audience extends beyond the Christian realm to include all parents who seek a healthier relationship with their children.

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About the Author:
Jonathan C. Robinson, Ph.D. is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and has been in private clinical practice for over 35 years. The resources woven into the fabric of Teachable Moments are the product of healing moments throughout his vibrant, clinical practice with children, parents, and families. Additionally, Teachable Momentshas evolved over years of teaching community classes, providing countless workshops, making numerous professional presentations, and ten years of hosting a weekly listener call-in Christian radio show, linking caller questions about mental health issues with Bible resources and practical tools for better mental health. – PRNewswire

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