New book is guide to a ‘happier, healthier life for dogs’

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SAN DIEGO — The Honest Kitchen has announceds the launch of its new book, Dog Obsessed, a lifestyle guide for people who love their dogs as much as (and sometimes more than!) family.

Written by CEO and co-founder Lucy Postins, the book is packed with humorous, helpful advice that goes beyond the average dog-care book, including dos and don’ts in the dog park, how to ensure your pup’s holidays are safe and truly special, advice on how to manage your dog’s unique personality quirks, and a section on make-at-home dog games. Dog Obsessed is the only resource passionate dog owners will ever need and available now at The Honest Kitchen’s website as well as from booksellers nationwide and retailers of The Honest Kitchen’s line of all natural human grade foods for pets.

Shunning the often dictatorial, prescriptive tone of many traditional pet care books, Dog Obsessed is a more lighthearted celebration of the western world’s deep-seated love of dogs and balances practical advice with amusing anecdotes (many contributed by The Honest Kitchen’s passionate fans), instructions for make-at-home dog toys, and steps for uncovering food allergies. This complete guide combines humorous advice with sound, veterinarian-approved programs for weight loss, exercise, and physical and emotional health, offering 45 easy-to-prepare recipes such as duck and ham dumplings, turkey and raspberry summer meatballs, pumpkin powwow with chicken and snap peas, plus celebratory party fare, complete with wine pairings.

About the Author

Lucy Postins is the founder and CEO of The Honest Kitchen, a company that makes all-natural, human-grade whole foods for pets, since 2002. Considered an expert in her field, Postins frequently writes articles for local and national online and print media, conducts radio interviews and educational spots, and holds educational seminars for retailers and pet owners on the importance of good nutrition. She is guardian (and mildly obsessed with) Willow and Taro, her two Rhodesian Ridgebacks.  She also shares her life with her husband, Charlie and two daughters, Thalia and Asha, as well as a former racehorse, three slightly naught ponies, and six chickens. She currently resides in San Diego, California. – PRNewswire

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