New book on extra marital fling revolves around Delhi Metro

New Delhi, Aug 31 (IANS) Just how integral the Delhi Metro has become to the lives of lakhs of the capital’s denizens can be gauged from the fact that it provides the backdrop for an extra-marital affair that begins at a train station.

“The novel is dedicated to Delhi Metro and its commuters as its story revolves in and outside the Metro. It is a romantic novel with a lot of suspense that stays till the end,” journalist, translator, blogger and writer Binod Mairta said at the launch of “A Rose on The Platform” here on Tuesday.

“Extra-marital affairs are a normal thing today,” he said jokingly, adding: “It is the story of a man’s love for his wife. If you read till the end, you will know that it’s a love story.”

The protagonist Anubhav, a bank manager, is resolute that he doesn’t want another woman in his life. But one day when he comes across Shivali at the Kashmere Gate Metro station, he not only forgets his resolution but also lies to her that he is not married.

It develops like a crime thriller as Shivali is responsible for the disappearance of his children and creates a lot of other problems. What happens next? That’s for readers to find out.

Author Kota Neelima appreciated the writer’s efforts, saying: “His first attempt is spectacular. I am glad that Delhi Metro is being represented through the emotion of love.”



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