New defence minister victim of racist post on social media

Ottawa, November 13 (CINEWS): While everyone mostly has positive things to say about Canada’s new defence minister Harjit Sajjan publically, it is clear that there are probably many millions out there who privately wonder if he is “Canadian” enough for such a high profile job.harjit-singh-sajjan-1
A glimpse into Canada’s soft underbelly of racism came this week when the Canadian military announced it was investigating one of its members from Quebec after “inappropriate comments” were posted on Facebook about Harjit Sajjan, the new minister of national defence.
A spokesperson for the Canadian Armed Forces would not reveal the content of the message, which was pulled from the social media site. But in a statement, Daniel Le Bouthillier wrote that “racist attitudes are not compatible with military ethos and with effective military service.”
The offensive comments appeared less than 24 hours after Sajjan took office. The person who allegedly wrote the offensive Facebook post is a non-commissioned officer from CFB Valcartier, near Quebec City.
The military statement explained that the individual’s commanding officer who must decide what further action, if any, is required. Other disciplinary measures can include ordering the individual into counseling, a probationary period, suspension from duty or even a recommendation of release if the incident is deemed sufficiently serious.
But this first hint of racism should actually be a welcome sign that racism is alive and well in Canada. Usually most Canadians are smart enough to hide their racism behind a friendly smile and a warm greeting. In a way, this person in the military who posted his racist view is a whistle blower, letting us all know about what some Canadians really think about multiculturalism.

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