New Film-maker in Tinsel town!!

Mumbai, October 13 (CINEWS): With Hogaya Dimaagh Ka Dahi, producer Fauzia Arshi has turned director. A multi-talented person dons multiple hats of being a guitarist, singer, composer, writer, painter, academician and an entrepreneur. She is the COO of Daily Multimedia Limited an entertainment and media corporate house.fauzia

The film follows the school of thought of Hrishikesh Mukherjee and Sai Paranjpye. The film’s USP is its dialogues and one-liners. Fauzia has written the story and dialogue of the movie. `I have written the dialogues keeping in mind the language commonly used by people. People would like the dialogues and would use it in routine life.`
Some few lines are specific to a region. Same is the case with Rajpal Yadav’s character in the movie. `I am playing a unique character in the movie who speaks amusing and hilarious lines. The one-liners that he uses are catchy and would be liked by people, says Rajpal Yadav.

Om Puri enthusiastically talks about his dialogues in the movie. He says, `After a long period of time, I am playing a character called ‘Mirza Kishan Singh Joseph’ that is not seen in the movies till now. It has fresh witty dialogues and one-liners that would tickle your funny bones.`

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