New Huawei batteries can withstand high temperatures

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Tokyo, Dec 1 (IANS) Chinese smartphone-maker Huawei on Thursday announced the world’s first long-lifespan graphene-assisted Li-ion battery which can withstand high temperatures and remain functional even in a 60 degrees Celsius environment.

The announcement was made by Watt Laboratory, an organisation under Huawei’s Central Research Institute, at the three-day 57th Battery Symposium held in Japan which concluded on Thursday.

According to Huawei’s research results, the new graphene-based heat-resistant technologies allow Li-ion batteries to remain functional in a 60 degrees Celsius environment — a temperature 10 degrees Celsius higher than the existing upper limit.

The lifespan of the graphene-assisted Li-ion batteries will also be twice as long as ordinary Li-ion batteries.

“We have performed charging and discharging tests in a high-temperature environment. The tests show that when working parameters are the same, the graphene-assisted high-temperature Li-ion battery is five degrees Celsius cooler than ordinary Li-ion batteries,” Dr Yangxing Li, Chief Scientist at Watt Laboratory, said in a statement.

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“Over 70 per cent of the graphene battery’s capacity is left after it is recharged 2,000 times at a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius. Less than 13 per cent of its capacity is lost after being kept in a 60 degrees Celsius environment for 200 days,” Dr Li added.

At the laste year’s “Battery Symposium”, Huawei’s Watt Laboratory revealed its quick-charging technology which recharges 48 per cent of a 3,000mAh battery in just five minutes.



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