New immigrant gym employee saves Brampton man’s life


Paul Gill is a bit of a fitness buff who worked out until a few weeks ago every other day for 90 minutes at LA Fitness at Bovaird Drive and Airport Road. Then he suffered a massive cardiac arrest in the middle of a grueling workout session. Had it not been for a recent immigrant fitness consultant Rakesh Bajwa who administered CPR and AED before the Peel Regional Paramedics arrived, we’d be writing Paul Gill’s obituary.

Rakesh Bajwa

Rakesh Bajwa

In an interview with Can-India, Realtor Paul Gill said how grateful he was that his cardiac arrest happened when he was at the gym and not at home. “If it happened at home or anywhere else, I might not have been so lucky because no one at home had the CPR training,” he said.
Paul Gill is 41-years-old and in very good shape, he makes it clear that his cardiac arrest didn’t occur because of any unsafe workout practice or strain to his heart. “I was told that it is hereditary and could’ve happened at any time, it was the first time, I ever had a health problem and it has opened my eyes,” he added.
Talking to Can-India, Rakesh Bajwa says that credit for saving Mr Gill’s life should not go to him but to the God above. “I only happened to be at the same place and it was just good fortune I had the training to help,” he said. Prior to moving to Canada with his wife and two children aged 12 and 8 a year and a half ago, Rakesh had a private medical practice in Chandigarh where he specialized in sports medicine. “I thought of continuing it here, but at age 46, it is a little difficult. The whole set-up is different here,” he added.
Paul Gill is now back at work, taking it a little easy,” he said.
“My advice to anyone working out is to do it at a gym where there is someone who has some CPR training,” he adds. It could after all be a matter of life and death. Paul Gill is living proof.

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