New Internet software moves voting into the 21st century

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 New England is fast becoming the new “Ground Zero” of the 2016 US Presidential Elections with the Clinton Campaign’s recent announcement of a rally and possible endorsement from Bernie Sanders scheduled for Tuesday, July 12, 2016, in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. To coincide with this historical, political event, the creators of Web-Impac’s latest voter software have decided to reschedule their Press Conference for Tuesday, July 26, 2016, at 11:00 am in the John Foster Salon at the Boston Harbor Hotel.

Web-Impac is presenting a press conference to discuss the future of Internet voting. Web-Impac is neutral neither Democratic nor Republican and “by hosting what we call The World Votes, we hope to reveal vital information about how the entire world feels about America’s leading presidential candidates. At the same time we want to use our virtual election to pique the public’s interest in Internet voting,” says Web-Impac co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Eric Robinson.

Web-Impac’s voter software could potentially change the way Americans vote and propel the United Stateselection process into the 21st Century, and Web-Impac is featuring The World Votes, which is a virtual election, live and open to anyone with access to the Internet. The world is invited to vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton based on who they would like to see as President before America votes in November.  In the meantime, people can go to to vote or check on the current status of the candidates up until the end of the virtual election on September 30, 2016.

“After hundreds of years of voting using paper, despite advances in technology, we still declare undying allegiance to an outdated voting system,” explained Robinson.  “Other countries have gone to an electronic voting system and even some US States allow limited Internet voting,” Robinson adds.  “We’re not talking about replacing government and election officials but rather giving them the tools they deserve to get the job done faster and making it easier for everyone to have the opportunity to vote.”

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No standardization

Current paper voter systems vary and change from State to State with no consistent standardization. Outdated logistics and aging equipment increase the possibilities for error.   Many voter locations still transport their paper ballots to counting stations.  “All of this can be a big problem in a close election.  We have software systems that can fix these problems,” concluded Robinson.

Introduced in May of this year, Web-Impac is the software division of international public relations powerhouse, Hampton Bates PR. The division will specialize in software that uses proprietary algorithms that merge public relations, marketing, and online analytics as well as voting technology and digital ballot boxes.

“The release of our new voter software will be a game changer,” says Sylvia Hampton, President, and co-founder of Web-Impac.  “And it dovetails with plans to have Internet voting in every home by 2020.  Imagine everyone in the entire country actually having a voice in an election.”

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Web-Impac’s revolutionary new voter technology has a variety of uses ranging from improving websites and providing virtual focus groups to supporting political elections.

“Our software is designed by marketing and public relations experts and brought to reality by MIT graduates,” says Hampton.  “Our goal is to make software that moves companies, this country and even the world, forward in a meaningful way.” – PRNewswire

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