New rules for Canadian citizenship

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It is easier than ever to become a Canadian citizen. Beginning next week, permanent residents can apply for Canadian citizenship if they’ve been in Canada for three out of the previous five years.
Applicants over 55 years of age are exempt from the language and knowledge tests for citizenship under the amended citizenship regulations to be announced by Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen.

This change represents an election promise to roll back some of the tougher changes made by the Conservatives.

The more stringent conditions made it harder for people hoping to become Canadians while spending or intending to spend most of their lives in another country.

The Conservatives required applicants to be in Canada for four years out of six years before being eligible to apply for citizenship. Furthermore, applicants between the ages of 14 and 64 had to pass language and citizenship knowledge tests.

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Meanwhile the burgeoning number of foreign students most of whom fully intend on becoming Canadian citizens will find it easier to qualify. By mid-week, international students, foreign workers and even refugees will get a year’s credit for time spent in Canada prior to their becoming permanent residents that will go toward helping them fulfill their residency requirements.

Naturally then there is absolutely no reason why any permanent resident hoping to become Canadian can’t qualify. The bar has been conveniently lowered. – CINEWS

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