New sex-ed curriculum to be taught after March break

Toronto, November 6 (CINEWS): A HOWA delegation of concerned parents led by Jotvinder Sodhi was grateful that the Peel Board for accepting some of their demands, though not to the parents’ expectations. They said that at least the Peel Board Chair showed a willingness to listen to parental ed
Sodhi said; “Parents feel that the Ontario Government not only failed to voice the community’s concerns but blatantly ignored families,” noting that parents took issue with the new curriculum on grounds of cultural sensitivities, inadequate consultation and age appropriateness of the new curriculum. Sodhi, an activist of HOWA CRP and a member of Canadian Families Alliance, said, “Ontario Government and the elected MPPs failed to properly consult parents and to date has refused to have any discussion around the concerns parents are still raising about the new curriculum.”
Teaching sex-ed has been delayed until the March break. Mandatory letters will be sent home two weeks prior to sex-ed lessons about what will be taught. Children will be given the option to opt out. A guide will be written and available to parents in multiple languages.
But wasn’t that on the table even before we had this summer of discontent over Ontario’s Sex-Ed curriculum? Evidently this doesn’t seem to be satisfying dozens of parents in the Thorncliffe area who are refusing to send their children to school until there is no such thing as the revised Sex-Ed taught in schools period. In any case most of these parents usually yank their children out of class during Sex-Ed discussions even when the old and out-dated curriculum was being taught.

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