New Sikh shrine soon in New Zealand

Wellington, Oct 7 (IANS) A new gurdwara will soon be constructed near Hamilton city in New Zealand to inform people about the Sikh religion in an interactive way, the media reported.

Sant Kapoor Singh, a Sikh high priest from India, last weekend visited New Zealand for the opening of ‘Babe Ke Huntly’, the Sikh shrine project, news portal reported on Wednesday.

A decade ago, Sant Nahar Singh wanted to build Babe Ke Bhagat’s shrine and was searching for a holy plot for it.

He chose a 42-acre farmland in Waikato near Hamilton city and decided to build the Kiwi chapter of the international ‘Babe Ke’ programme.

Two local residents — Joginder Singh and Hardeep Singh — have been working with the Ashtan Babe Ke Bhagat’s Charitable Trust for the programme’s setup.

“The spot is away from the hustle and bustle and an ideal location. I guess it is the location, surrounding and ambience. It is a peaceful site,” Hardeep was quoted as saying.

The project will have a landscaped park showcasing the historical and religious journey of the 15 Bhagats (Sikh saints).

The landscape will showcase the holy journey with narration in multiple languages.

Currently, there are 15 huts on the land teaching about the Bhagats who contributed to the holy book Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

The trust has arranged for podcasts that visitors will listen to as they walk around the site.

“This is to promote religion and educate the younger generation in a three-dimensional way, rather than just reading from books,” the trust said.

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