New study challenges ‘mid-life crisis’ theory

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Washington, D.C., Jan. 12 (ANI): If you are of the perception that happiness declines for most from the early 20s to middle age leading to ‘mid-life crisis’ then the answer is no.

According to recent studies of life-span happiness, this new longitudinal data suggests happiness does not stall in midlife, but instead is part of an upward trajectory beginning in our teens and early twenties.

The team followed two cohorts- one of Canadian high school seniors from ages 18 – 43 and the other a group of university seniors from ages 23-37.

Both showed happiness increased into the 30s, with a slight downturn by age 43 in the high school sample. After accounting for variations in participants’ lives, such as changes in marital status and employment, both samples still demonstrated a general rise in happiness after high school and university.

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The study has been published in Developmental Psychology. (ANI)

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