New take on family favorites with ‘Recipe Renovation’

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Traditional family favorite recipes are handed down from generation to generation, enjoyed at meals for years on end. They are delicious and beloved, but many originated before healthy eating was a priority so don’t provide nutrition compatible with today’s family menus. Nutrition expert Kathy Birkett, RDN, LD addresses that situation in her book, Recipe Renovation® for the Health of It.

“I’ve heard from many with whom I have spoken in my career as a dietitian and know from my own family those traditional recipes are special and hard to give up, even if they’re not the healthiest,” says Birkett, “so I wanted to give families a way to honor the past while being healthy today without losing the great taste.”

To meet this need, she developed Recipe Renovation®, providing tips and recipes on her website, Nutrition for the Health of it ( When readers responded favorably and asked for more, the first Recipe Renovation® cookbook was born.

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In addition to being a cookbook with some favorite recipe modifications provide by its author, Recipe Renovation® For the Health of It ( is an educational tool home cooks can use to transform their own family favorites into healthy traditions.

Major health issues with the foods we eat are addressed in the book, with special symbols denoting modifications to make recipes

  • Lower in fat to be heart friendly
  • Lower in added sugar to be diet friendly
  • Lower in sodium to be blood pressure friendly
  • Lower in calories to be waistline friendly
  • Improved nutrition to be overall health friendly

“My intent with the book was to include renovations that cooks can perform in their own kitchens, with straightforward instructions and commonly available ingredients,” according to Birkett, “with suggestions to address a wide range of needs and tastes. I want to give home cooks the tools and tips they need to create their own renovations.”

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Recipe Renovation® For the Health of It is available exclusively in Kindle e-book format through, where it can be downloaded and read on most tablets, e-readers, computers and smartphones. – PRNewswire.

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