New teenage drivers are at risk on city roads

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Brampton, February 26 (CINEWS): Yet another young Brampton teenager lost his life in a tragic accident last week leading many parents to now be concerned about the well-being of their own teenagers behind the wheel.
Harsh Parmar, a popular 18-year-old was driving a Honda Civic on Countryside Drive when he collided with a Ford F-150 pick-up truck east of Sunny Meadow Boulevard around 9.45 pm. The teen was pronounced dead at the

scene, while the truck driver, a 48-year-old Brampton woman, went to hospital with minor injuries.
Investigators are trying to figure out the role of bad weather conditions that night.
New inexperienced drivers can be particularly challenged by winter driving conditions. Listed below are a few tips.

Teach teen drivers to be well-prepared
Involve your teen in winter car maintenance so that they will learn this valuable life skill. Show them how to check wiper blades, tire pressure, and tread-depth. Let them top off the wiper fluid, and remind them to keep the gas tank at least half full. Develop and discuss an emergency plan, and make sure that a reliable towing company is programmed into their cell phone

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Create a winter car emergency kit together
It depends where you live. But cars should be equipped with a snow brush and ice scraper, and show your teen how to properly clean the car for driving. Emphasize that all lights should be clean, and that the roof and windows should be completely clear of snow and debris. Finally, demonstrate how to ensure that the exhaust pipe is not obstructed to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

Review driving tips for the road
When your teen does drive on the winter roads, they will need to take extra precautions. For example teens should allow distance for braking time. When skidding or hydroplaning, remove foot from the gas, shift to neutral, and allow the car to regain traction before steering. Avoid using cruise control in bad weather conditions.

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