New video threatens more attacks in Bangladesh, cafe gunmen praised

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Dhaka, July 6 (IANS) Days after the deadly Dhaka cafe attack, a new video has surfaced on the internet of three Bangla-speaking men praising the gunmen who massacred 20 hostages in the Gulshan cafe and threatening more such attacks.

The Islamic State video released on the Search for International Terrorist Entities (SITE) intelligence site on Tuesday is said to have been shot in Raqqah, the so-called capital of the Islamic State in Syria, reports

The message containing threats has gone viral on social media.

“It was a glimpse … will repeat,” tweeted Rita Katz, Director of SITE intelligence, quoting the men from the video.

The video begins with IS propaganda messages, with captions in Bangla, and boasts of death tolls from numerous terror attacks claimed by IS. It shows one man with his face covered, while two others were bearded.

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“The jihad in Bangladesh, the one you are witnessing now, is nothing like anything you have seen before,” said one of the IS militants from the video, in his ‘message’ for the Bangladesh government.

Many on Facebook have identified the first speaker based on facial resemblance, but the claims could not be verified.

The IS militant then speaks in English, for the ‘Christian and Jewish crusaders and their allies’ to tell that their leader, Sheikh Adnani, was not joking when he asked them to wage war.

“What you witnessed in Bangladesh yesterday was just a glimpse, this will repeat, repeat and repeat until you lose and we win …” the IS militant warned.

Six gunmen of the July 1 Gulshan attack were shot dead by Bangladesh commandos while another was captured, ending a 12-hour siege of the upscale cafe.

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The morning raid led to freeing of 13 hostages, but 17 foreigners and three Bangladeshis were slaughtered by the gunmen.

Bangladesh police have maintained that the militants were members of the banned Jama’atul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB).

Three of the attackers were from affluent families and had studied in top schools and universities, while two others came from poor families in Bogra.



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