New wearable fitness tracker analyses your sweat

Washington D.C, Jan 28 (ANI): Not only does your sweat indicates an intense workout session at the gym, but also it gives clues about your health, according to a new study.

Scientists at Stanford University and the University of California have developed a wearable device that can analyze multiple components of sweat in real time.

According to the team, the metabolites and electrolytes that the human body secretes in sweat can be used to determine muscle fatigue as well as hydration levels.

The device, which is placed in a headband, can communicate wirelessly to a phone, so the researchers think it could end up in a smartwatch one day.

But the scientists don’t have a commercial partner yet, and they’ll probably have to scale the whole thing down before they move ahead with their plans.

The study further suggests that the stuff that’s secreted from sweat glands in times of stress could one day help humans design better workouts.

The study is published in Nature. (ANI)

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