Niall Horan takes tube ride in London

London, March 28 (IANS) One Direction singer Niall Horan sent his fans on the virtual world into a frenzy when he shared a selfie of himself riding the tube here.

The Irish singer shared a selfie on himself on his Snapchat account which saw him sat on a Northern line tube with other commuters seemingly unaware of his presence, reports

The 22-year-old wore a green jacket and a tweed flat cap in the picture, which read: “Tube”.

His fans couldn’t hide their reactions to the image as one tweeted: “Imagine seeing Niall Horan on the tube. Just. Take a second and really truly imagine it.”

Another quipped: “Lol at everyone on the tube that has no clue Niall Horan is a couple feet away from them.”

Horan has been keeping a relatively low profile since One Direction parted ways to enjoy an extended hiatus.

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