Nick Jonas wore purity ring sans knowledge

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Johannesburg, April 3 (ANI): Nick Jonas has recently revealed that he wore the purity ring “without a full understanding” of what it actually was.

The ‘Jealous’ hit-maker and his brothers, Joe and Kevin, wore the jewellery when they were growing up, as a sign of chastity, but he admits it wasn’t their choice, rather it was on demand of someone at the church, reports Channel 24.

Explaining about this revelation, the 23-year-old singer said that he belongs to “an incredibly religious home” as his dad was a pastor.

Much like The First Family or people in front of the public eye, they were highly scrutinised as a family within the church, so much before Jonas brothers’ career started in music, they wore the ring on demand of a person in the church.

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“So without a full understanding of what we were stepping into, we all made this commitment,” he added.

But later, Nick ditched the ring when he “fell in love” and started to “make his own choices.” (ANI)

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