Nicki Minaj is hammered

Los Angeles, November 3 (CINEWS): A great many her fans were alarmed when Nicki Minaj posted a video of herself giggling manically as she charged a man in a wheelchair to “walk”. The 32-year-old rapper took to Instagram on Saturday night to share the video, taken while she was dressed as a provocative pixie for the Halloween party that she facilitated.nicki

Another fan pointed out that Nikki’s video was odd, considering the point she made a Bill Cosby ensemble being in poor taste.

She had tweeted a snap of the ensemble, demonstrating a man dressed as Cosby conveying a blonde lady who gave off an impression of being crippled with a mixed refreshment in her grasp.

Nicki posted it with the message: “Our era is so desensitized”. The supporter got out Nicki by composing: “Who cares if the individual can walk or not. Regardless she said something oblivious. Why do individuals aimlessly shield their venerated images ineptitude? In the interim, she’s crying around a Cosby ensemble.”

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