Nicki Minaj under fire for Instagram video

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Nicki Minaj mocking a mentally-challenged woman 

Nicki Minaj is under fire for posting a controversial video on Instagram.

In the video, the rapper can be heard laughing at a woman with an apparent mental illness, and now, she’s getting called out BIG time.

The clip, posted to Nicki Minaj’s Instagram page on Dec. 4, shows a woman wandering the streets of Miami. When the 33-year-old takes out her cell phone and starts filming, the woman starts yelling at her, walking away from the camera.

But Nicki isn’t willing to let her go, asking her to come back so they can “talk.” The seemingly confused and distressed lady doesn’t abide, and the rapper can be heard snickering in the background of the video.

The comments section of the Instagram was quickly flooded with people criticizing Nicki for making fun of someone who seems to have something wrong with her, and even the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI-Miami) has chimed in.

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“Nobody would make fun of a cancer patient, and mental illness is an illness like any other,” a rep for the organization explained to TMZ, adding that the footage is an “invasion of the woman’s privacy, which dehumanizes her.”

“It’s not funny,” one fan commented. “The reason you think it is because you are a immature, heartless c*** just like @nickiminaj.” Another added, “@nickiminaj is a talentless piece of s*** with no respect for anyone. Only kids buy into the bulls*** she sells, adults laugh at her for how pathetic she is. It shows how ugly her personality is.”

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