Nicolas Cage goes by ‘super 8 feeling’

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Shanghai, June 19 (IANS) Actor Nicolas Cage says his personal philosophy of filmmaking lies in the pursuit of what he calls “the Super 8 feeling”.

Cage was at the Shanghai International Film Festival to tease his latest movie and walk the event’s red carpet as a special guest. He also interacted during a media briefing where he was asked to explain his personal philosophy of filmmaking, reports

He said: “The Super 8 feeling is what my brother and I used to feel when we made movies in the backyard with the camera our dad bought us when we were kids. I didn’t care about awards or money… It was simply because we loved making the movie and telling a story.”

Cage said he has experienced the Super 8 feeling just a few times in his professional life, such as when he shot “Raising Arizona” with the Cohen Brothers and during the filming of “Mandy”, Panos Cosmatos’ recent horror film.

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The Oscar winner said he also felt it during the recent shoot in Puerto Rico of his next release, “Primal”. The film is directed by stuntman-turned-filmmaker Nick Powell.



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