Nicole Arbour loses movie role over `awful fat-phobic` video

Washington. D.C., Sept. 11 (ANI): Comedian Nicole Arbour has been fired from the movie role, shortly after she posted a video titled ‘Dear Fat People,’ in which she took a jibe at obesity.

Criticising the video posted on YouTube, writer Pat Mills said that after watching the video, where the comedian compared some overweight people to slow moving zombies, he decided to fired her from the movie, E! Online reports.

The 66-year-old Mills further said that the 30-year-old comedian’s video was “unfunny and cruel,” adding that “It’s fat phobic and awful.I was so upset I was shaking.”

Arbour was supposed to be playing the role of a choreographer in the anti-bullying film ‘Don’t Talk to Irene.’ (ANI)

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