Nicole Kidman ‘dodges’ Science questions over Tom Cruise, Keith Urban

Washington DC, July 21 (ANI): Nicole Kidman is definitely not interested in talking about Science as she recently she dogged all the questions asked related to Science but was open to answer about her current husband Keith Urban and former hubby Tom Cruise.

The ‘Grace of Monaco’ actress, who will be gracing Vogue’s August issue, said that when she was with the 53-year-old American actor, paparazzi doesn’t use to give that much attention to the former couple, unlike now when she is married to her singer husband, Too Fab reported.

The 48-year-old Australian actress also wished that she and her ‘Cop Car’ singer husband had gotten together a long time ago and had way more children with him as it would have been glorious.

However, when the questions started turning towards Scientology she declined to talk about it. (ANI)

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