NIIT to focus on steps to make education, skilling more affordable

New Delhi, Feb 18 (ANI): NIIT, a company offering learning management and training delivery solutions to corporations, is finding steps to cater to affordable education and skilling.

Some of the measures that the company has taken into consideration involves; equal distribution of the resources and specific incentives to boost the start-up sector.

“Online education is a fast growing global growth arena, both in formal education and vocational training. We hope that the government will introduce measures to ensure a level playing field for the highly regulated Indian online education and training companies against the much larger funded global players who are entering the Indian market aggressively, in an unregulated manner as far as Indian taxation regime is concerned,” said NIIT CEO Rahul K Patwardhan.

He also said he hopes that the Finance Minister will announce specific measures in the Union Budget to help make education and skilling more affordable to the masses.

Skill India and Digital India are two key and highly ambitious initiatives of the government, and in the forthcoming budget he expects specific Indirect tax rebates for the companies and its partners who are working towards making these initiatives a success.

“Government has set an ambitious target of skilling 500 million people by 2022. In a country where less than 4 percent of the population is formally skilled, FM needs to substantially increase fund allocation to the sector to draw youth to the skilling programmes,” he said.

“GST is another much awaited Indirect tax reform, which will boost the economy. We are expecting a firm roadmap from the Government for its implementation. We also hope there would be changes in the Income Tax policy frame that will allow us to get quick refund for the excess taxes paid,” he added while talking about GST Bill. (ANI)

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