Nikhil, Hiba, Krishna recall special moments with their mom

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Mumbai, May 9 (IANS) Actors Nikhil Khurana, Krishna Bharadwaj and Hiba Nawab are planning to make Mother’s Day on May 13 special as their mother means the world to them. They also walked down the memory lane and cherished special moments with their mother.

Nikhil Khurana, known for playing Pancham in the show “Jijaji Chhat Per Hain”, is planning to take his mother out for dinner to her favourite restaurant.

“No words can describe what my mother means to me. She is my world. I consider her to be my friend, philosopher and guide,” Nikhil said in a statement.

“Once I played a prank on my mom by calling her on the landline. I pretended to be a Punjabi Police cop and told her that her son has been arrested for violence. She got really worried. Then I disclosed that it was me. She got so furious with me.”

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His co-star Hiba Nawab said: “This Mother’s Day, I am going to celebrate with my mother. If I am shooting that day then she must be on the set with me. If I am not shooting then of course it must be a day out with my mother.”

The actress will take her mother to her favourite places in Mumbai like Marine Drive.

“For me this day is as special as her birthday. I am a creative person, so I might decorate her room and surprise her with a cake, balloons and good music. She is very fond of jewellery, especially finger rings, so I might gift her a nice ring.”

Actor Krishna Bharadwaj, who plays Rama in the show “Tenali Rama”, said: “I’m away from my mom. She stays in Ranchi. I am going to miss her a lot. So, this Mother’s Day will start with a call to her. Also, my best friend’s mom is my second mother here. I’ve requested her to meet me on Mother’s Day, I will celebrate with her.

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“My mom had liked a jewellery set when she was in Mumbai last month. I plan to buy that for her. My mother is the most important person in my life. Her happiness means the most to me.”



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