Nirbhaya case: After Swamy’s plea, court directs Centre to file IB report

New Delhi, Dec. 11 (ANI): In the Nirbhaya rape case, the Delhi High Court on Friday issued a notice to the Central Government on the petition by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Subramanian Swamy who has appealed that the juvenile convict must not be released.

Swamy made the plea in court stating that the convict had been radicalised.

“The Chief Justice said that my petition deserved to be heard. But they don’t know according to which law they can give me relief. If there is a legislative vacuum, then the court has the right to fill it. The Chief justice said that we will hear the petition on 14th,” Swamy told the reporters here.

The notice was issued to the Centre after Swamy appealed to the courts to make certain provisions in the law to deal with serious offences as rape.

“According to the report of the Indian Intelligence bureau, the juvenile accused has turned into a jihadi. So, the court should interfere and make certain provisions in the law regarding this. The government should move court and seek to arrest the juvenile accused under the National Security Act,” Swamy told ANI earlier today.

Earlier today, Nirbhaya’s parents slammed reports of the Home Ministry contemplating of having the juvenile convict sign a legal bond affirming good behaviour after his release, and demanded to know how it would guarantee that he would not repeat the crime again.

“The govt should just release him if they want to and spare us all this drama. What’s the difference if he signs the bond? It’s all useless. If he walks free, then I have not received justice. The government needs to think about the public when they let him go. It sends a wrong message to other boys like him in the society. I have tried everything and have appealed to everyone I could, to ensure he does not walk free,” Nirbhaya’s mother told ANI.

The juvenile, who was under 18 when he was arrested for rape and murder of Nirbhaya, was tried under the Juvenile Justice Act and ordered to keep in a remand home for three years. He is set to be released this month. (ANI)

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