Nirbhaya Case: Hopeful court will give an order in public interest, says Swamy

New Delhi, Dec. 14 (ANI): Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Subramanian Swamy on Monday said that he was hopeful about the courts handing down an order to prevent the release of the juvenile involved in the December 2012 gang rape case in outer Delhi.

“The main important thing that the management committee has to consider is the mental health which has been provided under the rules as a precondition for setting him out into society. So, what has been finally decided is that the court has reserved its orders, but it has said that it has understood the gravity of the situation and we will definitely give an order which in the public interest. And the most important part which the court have observed is that the rules do provide that the juvenile must be a law abiding citizen before he is released into mainstream society,” Swamy told media here.

“My guess is that the high court will set a new standard so that juveniles who commit heinous crimes do not have an easy out just by claiming to be juveniles,” he added.

Holding the Congress responsible for the continuing lawlessness against women in society, Swamy further stated that the law has to be amended which is lying in the Rajya Sabha. He accused the Congress of blocking the passage of the legislation into law.

“Such an important law has been blocked for almost six months. It is a shame on the Congress Party. It could have been passed in the Rajya Sabha on a priority basis, as it has already been passed in the Lok Sabha. The Congress are to be blamed for continuing lawlessness against women in our society,” he added.

Meanwhile, the victim’s father said that the juvenile convict must not be freed as he might be a ‘threat to society’

“It is not about being a juvenile or an adult, but about crime. The crime he has committed and after he is released it will definitely affect the youth in the country. He is a threat to the society. I believe that he should not be released anyhow. The person who can sit inside jail and learn to be a jihadi, what will he do outside,” asked the victim’s father. (ANI)

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