Nirmal Singh lashes out at Omar Abdullah

New Delhi, Sept.5 (ANI): Nirmal Singh, deputy chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir asked why the government would spy on Omar Abdullah after the former J&K chief minister Abdullah’s tweet targeting the Mufti government.

“Why will the Govt spy on him? Government is stable and is doing well. Spying is done secretly and not openly, he (Omar Abdullah) is contradicting himself,” said Singh.

He also jibed at Omar Abdullah’s regular tweeting habit, saying, “Omar tweets every day. Maybe he did not have any issue to tweet about, so he decided to do this,” added Singh.

Abdullah had earlier tweeted, “Mufti Govt brazenly spying on me. Dear Mufti Sahab if you and your apparatchiks want to know what I’m up to pick up the phone and ask me. Please don’t accost people outside my gate!” (ANI)

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