No anger trouble for Danny McBride

Los Angeles, May 11 (IANS) Actor Danny McBride, who has voiced the volatile character Bomb in “The Angry Birds Movie”, says he has never been angry in his life.

McBride is known for his stand-up comedy and impeccable comic timing. And now he will be heard as a bird named Bomb, who explodes when he gets excited or can’t handle the anger within him.

“He has an explosive personality and explodes when he gets angry. He wants to improve. He’s embarrassed that he can’t control his anger, and he wants to focus it. Bomb is actually a pretty laid-back, fun-loving guy, but any little thing can set him off,” McBride said in a statement.

Asked how he deals with anger, he said: “I’ve never been angry in my life.”

“The Angry Birds Movie” hits the screens in India on May 27 in English, Hindi and Tamil. It will be distributed by Sony Pictures.

Taking the basic structure of Rovio Entertainment’s mobile game of the same name, the film brings the story of Red and his friends onto the silver screen in a hilarious manner.

In the game, angry but cute little birds fight it out with pigs who have stolen their eggs. In the film, the birds will get angry, they will seek revenge, they will vow to save their world but with traces of comedy.

The film is supported by Jason Sudeikis as Red, Josh Gad as speedy Chuck, Bill Hader as a pig, Maya Rudolph as Matilda, and Peter Dinklage as the Mighty Eagle.



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